Argument #5 = Information Machines (DNA)

Premise #1 = Intelligent information infer an intelligent design.

Premise #2 = There is specific information in the cellular DNA of living organisms.

Conclusion = Therefore, there must be an Intelligent Designer of Life.

Stephen C. Meyer, Former geophysicist and college professor (PhD in Philosophy of Science), Director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture:

“One of the most extraordinary discoveries of the 20th century was that DNA actually stores information (the detailed instructions for assembling proteins) in the 4-character chemical code (A, C, G, T). But here’s the question: “What is the SOURCE of DNA’s assembly instructions responsible for creating the proteins?”

This foundational question has caused all naturalistic accounts of the origin of life to break down. If you can’t explain where the information comes from, you haven’t explained life, because it’s the information that makes the molecules function as a living being.

DNA is like a library. Each organism assesses the information it needs from DNA so it can build its critical components. In DNA, the long lines of A, C, G and T’s are precisely arranged to create protein. To build just 1 protein, you need 1,200 – 2,000 letters or bases.” (Lee Strobel: ‘The Case for a Creator’).

Dr. Philip S. Skell, National Academy of Sciences and Evan Pugh Professor at Pennsylvania
State University, emeritus:

“In this engaging narrative ‘Signature In The Cell’, Professor Stephen C. Meyer demonstrates what I as a chemist have long suspected: undirected chemical processes cannot produce the exquisite complexity of the living cell.

Meyer also shows something else: there is compelling positive evidence for intelligent design in the digital code stored in the cell’s DNA. A decisive case based upon breathtaking and cutting-edge science.”

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