FSE University – Statement of Faith
FSE University – Scholarship Requirements
FSE (Faith, Substance & Evidence) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation on a mission to teach young adults and their parents how to live a Christ-centered life in American culture.

We especially want to come alongside young people as they go off to college to prepare them to give a solid defense for the faith in Jesus Christ in what has become a very anti-Christian culture at many of our universities.

Along those lines, FSE will begin offering a minimum of twelve (12) $250 scholarships to qualified college-bound students according to the following four guidelines:

  1. Candidate must be at least a junior in high school, up to a senior in college, and able to demonstrate they are currently or planning to be enrolled in a college or secondary education school.
  2. Candidate must sign a profession of faith as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.
  3. Candidate must maintain a minimum of 80% class attendance record for each $250 scholarship for which they have applied.
  4. Candidate must score a minimum 80% on final test after attending the classes for each $250 scholarship for which they have applied.

There are 4 scholarships, each worth $250 for each of the 4 courses listed below, for a possible total of $1,000 per candidate provided the candidate meets all 4 above requirements for each course.

Each course will be about 6-10 weeks long:

  1. Course 1 = Worldviews, Truth and Evidence
  2. Course 2 = Origin of Man
  3. Course 3 = Bible Reliability and Person of Jesus Christ
  4. Course 4 = God’s Will for My Life