Classroom Workbook

Living Christ-centered in America

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Authored by Ed A. Croteau
Regardless of what you may have heard, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world today. Islam is the second. While Europe replaced it’s Christian heritage with secular humanism, Christianity is spreading around the globe – in Africa, Asia and Central and South America. Christianity is now a universal worldview. In America, it’s once Christian culture is being eroded from within, by an intentional promotion of secular humanism and a rejection of the gospel in our universities, media and the general public square. Living out the Christian life in an increasingly secularized American culture has two imperatives: 1) understanding the arguments in American culture for why Christianity is no longer relevant (and how to easily defeat them), and 2) examining your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to grow in the knowledge of His working in you. This workbook is designed to be used in a classroom educational setting, or on line with the individual classroom videos, for the purpose of helping you grow in the relevance of Jesus Christ in all areas of your life. Our focus throughout this workbook is to examine three of life’s questions that everyone wrestles with: 1) meaning (who am I?), 2) origins (where did I come from?) and 3) purpose (why am I here?), weighing the messages of Jesus Christ against secularism. Where you align yourself has eternal consequences.