Argument #8 = Design in the Animal Kingdom

Premise #1 = Order, Complexity and Precision in living systems infer an intelligent design.

Premise #2 = There is order, complexity and precision in living organisms.

Conclusion = Therefore, there must be an Intelligent Designer of Life.

Giraffe Circulatory System – Rete Mirabile Caroticum:

  • complex pressure-regulation system,
  • unique “valves” that prevent overpressure when it lowers its head,
  • blood vessels that stabilizes blood pressure as the giraffe moves its neck up and down,
  • heart powerful enough to send an adequate amount of blood eight feet upwards against gravity,
  • arteries in the lower part of its body thick enough to withstand the high blood pressure,
  • tight skin tight that forces blood back up and keep capillaries in lower extremities from bursting
  • oversized lungs to hold 12 gallons of air, that compensate for the volume of dead air in its 10-foot long trachea (without this extra air-pumping capacity a giraffe would breathe the same used air over and over).

National Geographic would have us believe ‘nature’ provided giraffes with this ‘special equipment’. Supposedly, giraffes’ specialized, necessary, ‘unique’ control valves are ‘remarkable adaptations’ that ‘developed’.

In other words, multiplied millions of years of evolution have modified the giraffe’s anatomy to allow this stretched-version mammal to function.

How do the mindless, purposeless, random processes of time and chance explain unique valves, a complex pressure-regulation system, a wonder net that keeps blood pressure constant in the brain (whether the giraffe’s neck is raised or lowered), a heart, lungs, and arteries all just the right size, etc.? And how did all of these sophisticated body parts came about simultaneously?

The amazingly intricate design of the giraffe’s circulatory system, as well as the rest of its anatomy and physiology, demand a better explanation than the random, chance processes of evolution.

The fact is, the giraffe is brilliantly designed—a wonder of God’s creation.

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