The Rewards in Heaven aren’t Performance-based

Subject: The Rewards in heaven aren’t Performance-based

1Corinthains 3:11 “No other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Ever get frustrated when you can’t seem to measure up to others? Whether it’s your boss, your spouse? Your parents? Yet when you look around you at how our world functions, it can seem like your worth is based on your performance. If you’ve been following the articles over the past weeks, it should be obvious that the God of the Bible looks at you completely opposite to how the world looks at you.

He has never been interested in your performance. There is no measuring stick for achievement that separates success from failure. If you are a Christian, you know this. Because eternal life is completely based on the achievement of one Person in history – Jesus Christ and his voluntary death on the Cross for you.

So, as a Christian, I can coast then, right? Christ has done it all, so I’m ‘good to go’. Sounds like America in the 21st century. Christianity isn’t an entitlement program where you just receive. But on the flip side, it’s not a performance program where you achieve in order to get. Its 100% about your heart attitude towards Jesus Christ, where the things you set your mind and heart to do are the things that He has shown you please Him. It’s living a life motivated to honor and obey Him. And He knows you better than you know yourself…. He can see your heart’s motivations.

That’s exactly what our feature verse means: the foundation of my life, my aspirations, what excites me, are the things that excite Him. And if your life is centered on Jesus Christ, people will see it and know it. Because not only are people around you watching you, they are listening to you.

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