Our American News Media: The Hopeless Search for Wisdom

Subject: Our American News Media: The Hopeless Search for Wisdom

1Corinthians 3:20 “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.”

We are witnessing something unprecedented in American history – an American President is being investigated by a special prosecutor for alleged crimes for which there is no evidence. The accusations from the news media, Democrats, the establishment Republicans and even the intelligence community are that the President either colluded with Russia in the past election or he must he obstructed justice in former FBI Director Comey’s investigation of Michael Flynn. But there is no evidence he committed any crime!

In his May 11 article responding to our President’s firing of Comey, The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro exposed both the media and the FBI’s goal to take down Trump: “The notion that the members of the intelligence community are now empowered morally or legally to redouble their efforts to damage Trump is anti-republican and frightening. The intelligence community is not its own shadow government, poised to strike the head of the executive branch because he takes a measure for which he has full constitutional authority. What is happening right now inside the FBI…should frighten anyone of good conscience.”

Are we allowing the news media to define morality for us? Trump has only been President since January 20. Yet in only 4 months he’s managed to commit crimes worthy of impeachment? While his enemies want us to mark his first 100 days as criminal, are we aware of his many actions that have fulfilled promises he made while campaigning? Let’s review his top eight fulfillments of promises he made since January 20th.

Area #1: Government Regulations. Trump’s deregulations reduced costs by $3.6 billion. Obama increased costs by $4 billion in his first 100 days. Projected over the next four years, Trump’s deregulations yield a $52.5 billion reduction. Obama’s regulations yielded a $501 billion increase from 2009-2012!

Area #2: Debt. President Trump has reduced US debt by $100 billion, while Obama increased US debt by over $560 billion in his first 100 days. Area #3: Jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Trump added over 730,000 jobs from January – February. During Obama’s presidency, over 3,000,000 jobs were lost in the same time period. Area #4: Manufacturing. The US Manufacturing Index achieved a 33-year high in President Trump’s first 100 days, reaching 43 in February (the best outlook since Reagan). In Obama’s first 100 days, the Manufacturing Index was negative 25 (moving in the wrong direction).

Area #5: Illegal Immigration. We have seen a 67% decrease in immigrants entering the Unites States illegally since Trump took office. Area #6. Supreme Court. President Trump succeeded in confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch and bringing back a focus on upholding our Constitutional freedoms.

Area 7. War on Terrorism and Global Evil. President Trump dropped the “MOAB” on the terrorist tunnel network as well as bombing the Syrian airfield after Assad used his aircraft to gas his own people. He has stood up against North Korea and Russia, letting both know he will not tolerate aggressive threats against America. He has met with China’s President to work together to thwart North Korea’s nuclear weapons. And he will not support Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran, the world’s enabler of global terrorism.

Area #8. Executive Orders. President Trump has signed 66 Executive Orders. Here are just five to be implemented immediately: 1) Protect Law enforcement, 2) Mandate for every new regulation to eliminate two, 3) Defeat ISIS, 4) Rebuild the military, and 5) repeal and replace ObamaCare.

His actions in just his first 100 days should speak way louder than the accusations of his enemies. Why haven’t they? Where is the wisdom that allows us to correctly choose what is morally right? Our verse this week is actually taken from a May 11th article by Hugh Hewitt, a lawyer, academic, author, and Salem Radio Network talk show host, who summed the situation this way: “What can Trump do that will not engender breathless overreaction in the press? This whole mess is a sure sign that the moral compass of the press and the portion of the nation they speak for is not pointing north anymore. The problem our society faces now is no longer how to bring about conformity with a generally accepted morality, but how to help people make the right choice between opposing moralities.”

Hewitt points to Paul’s admonition in 1Corinthians 3:20, that the “wisdom” of this world is foolishness. True wisdom has one source: “Jesus Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.” (1Corinthians 1:24). If you are a Christian living in America, you must avoid falling prey to a media that professes to be wise, and focus on the only true source of wisdom – Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

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