Isaiah’s Answer for how to Save America, Part 10: Protect the Unborn

Isaiah 3:15 “What do you mean by crushing My people, and grinding the faces of the poor?”

Elections have consequences. In the case of abortions in Missouri, the consequences of electing Mike Parson as Governor are wonderful. It was back on May 17, 2019 that the Missouri Legislature passed bill HB 126, known as the “Missouri Stands for the Unborn” Act, that criminalizes abortions in the state after 8 weeks of pregnancy. Governor Parson’s goal is to make Missouri “the most Pro-Life state in the country.”

This new law charges anyone who performs an abortion after 8 weeks with a Class B felony, which carries a sentence of 5 to 15 years in prison. The 8-week stage of pregnancy is often before a woman knows she is pregnant, so in many cases this bans all abortions, including for rape and incest.

In the case of a medical emergency, a pregnancy could be terminated after 8 weeks if the law’s definition of a medical emergency is met: “something that so complicates the medical condition of a pregnant woman as to necessitate the immediate abortion of her pregnancy to avert the death of the pregnant woman or for which a delay will create a serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment.”

The Missouri Senate gave its approval one day after Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey signed a bill banning nearly all abortions. As the bill became law, Missouri’s House Speaker Elijah Haahr said, “This is the type of legislation that is designed to withstand a challenge and to actually save lives in our state.”

Here we are, almost 2 years later. In their January 18th article, the Washington Examiner announced that Missouri has become the first US state where abortions are now no longer performed. Missouri is also the only state that does not have an active abortion facility. Taking its information from both Operation Rescue and the recent reports from Planned Parenthood, the Examined provided this from Operation Rescue.

“In its year-end report, ‘The Status of American Abortion Facilities in 2020,’ it notes, the only remaining abortion provider, Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, ‘was the last abortion facility in Missouri. It remains open, but Operation Rescue has confirmed that no abortion appointments have been available there for months, and none are available anytime in the foreseeable future.”

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman explained: “While the RHS Planned Parenthood remains open and licensed for abortions, we confirmed that none are being done there. That means this facility is currently acting only as an abortion referral center. There is no operational abortion facility in the State of Missouri, making it the first Abortion-Free State at this time.”

Operation Rescue puts the number of active US abortion facilities at 706, with 5 other states having only 1 open clinic (Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming) and 10 more states showing a decrease in facilities. As with Missouri, these states fight every day to protect the unborn.

New York stands in stark contrast, ranking #2 in the US in abortions per year, at a rate of nearly 1 abortion for every 25 women. In late January of 2018, just 3 years ago, NY Governor Cuomo signed into law the ‘Reproductive Health Act (RHA)’, which allows a baby to be aborted up to his or her due date.

Governor Cuomo declared that “This RHA is a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values. In the face of a federal government intent on rolling back Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights, I promised that we would enact this critical legislation within the first 30 days of the new session – and we got it done. I am directing that New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.” Now, if a baby is born alive in NY after a botched abortion, that child outside the womb can be murdered. As I said, elections have consequences.

The ideology of Missouri versus New York can’t be wider: whether or not every human being has a right to life. Missouri cherishes human life (as our Declaration of Independence), while New York disdains it. According to the Bible, God, Jews, and Christians unanimously agree: Life is a gift created by God, and is not to be taken away by abortion. God is “pro-choice,” but He tells us clearly the only acceptable choice to make: “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

The Evidence of Faith’s Substance – Article #432

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