Answering Atheism’s Questions Part 4: The 2023 Grammys – Why does God Hide Himself?

John 1:14b “We beheld His glory, the glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

“Sponsored by Pfizer! A little devil worship. Let’s say you’re a modern American who doesn’t believe in the supernatural at all. You reject the ideas that have formed the basis of every society in all human history, you think it’s bunk, good and evil doesn’t exist in the absolute sense. Even if you believe that, as some Americans do, is it really a good idea to mimic devil worship, because what if it is true? Probably not going to end well, right? No one is asking those questions.

Sam Smith, the performer there, has gotten rich doing it. His latest music video shows him wearing nipple pasties and being urinated on in a men’s room. Yeah, they stormed Omaha Beach for that. Trans ideology plus Satanism, popular entertainment.”

This is Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s assessment of the Pfizer-sponsored Satan worship performance at the February 5th Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, CA. The viewing audience, once at 28.4 million in 2004, has dramatically decreased to only 12.4 million people this year – nearly 60%. America is not on board with the entertainment industry. And this year’s Satanic performance at the Grammy’s again reinforced this.

When Carlson says “No one is asking those questions” that relate to whether or not Satan is real, whether or not there is such an absolute standard for good versus evil, whether there is a supernatural realm, who should be leading the way to answer these questions? The answer is obvious – the Christian church.

Christianity has excellent, rational answers to these questions and more. Morality is objectively “right” or “wrong.” Everyone knows it regardless of what the media, entertainment and education industries tell us.

Not only is there a real evil supernatural reality, but there is the superior reality of the supernatural good. In fact, both theologians and philosophers define evil not as an entity in itself but as the absence of good. It is known as the “Privation Theory of Evil: evil is the absence, or lack of, good.” To identify evil, like Satan worship or the Holocaust, we first must know what is good to see that evil is the absence of good.

What is “good”? It means having “intrinsic” value as a person. All human life is “good” – intrinsically valuable – because it derives from God, who created all human beings in His own image (Gen. 1:26-27). Good means all people are desired and loved for their own sake, because God Himself is the standard for good.

By logic, goodness radiates from the character of God – His very essence. If all people are intrinsically valuable, then He who created them is the epitome of goodness, the greatest conceivable Good Being.

In fact, it is a necessity that God is good as a Person. Goodness belongs to the very concept of God, just as being unmarried belongs to the concept of a bachelor. That is because the very definition of God is the greatest conceivable Being who is worthy of worship. Only a being who is perfectly good would be worthy of worship, and the greatest Being of which you can conceive must be morally perfect, since it is better to be morally perfect than morally flawed. So, now we know what “Goodness” is – it is God Himself.

So why does the media, entertainment and education industries “hide” God’s existence from the public while promoting the existence of Satan and evil? In fact, nonbelievers in God have formed an argument against God’s existence around this – it is called the “Argument from Divine Hiddenness”. It goes like this.

“It is reasonable not to believe in a God you cannot see, since a perfectly good and loving God would make sure that all His creatures were unable to doubt His existence, especially those who want to know Him. Yet, many people find that He is hidden from them. Therefore, God does not exist.”

Isn’t it ironic – to make this divine hiddenness argument one must use the biblical revelation of Him? To form this argument that a perfect, loving and good Creator does not reveal Himself requires using God’s own words against Him. This perfect and loving God against whom our atheist culture argues is based on the God who is defined in the Bible! In fact, this week’s verse makes it very easy to see that God has indeed revealed Himself in human history, and in His full glory and goodness and grace – Jesus Christ:

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” If you think God is hidden, you aren’t interested in seeing Him. He is obvious. He is revealed to us in the full glory of goodness, love, mercy, grace – it is Jesus Christ.
“The Evidence of Faith’s Substance _ Article #539

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