Transgender Sports: When will Men Speak Out? Is Chivalry Dead?

1Peter 3:7 “Husbands, dwell with your wives with understanding; give honor to her as to the weaker vessel.”

Chivalry originated in medieval times, when a man desiring to be a knight was expected to be courageous, honorable, courteous, and just, especially in defending and caring for the weak. Even today, chivalry is only used for men, but it is used in how a man treats a woman. Is it because women are weaker? While not when it comes to mental capacity, determination, or spiritual understanding, it does apply to physical strength and power.

Power and strength are not the same thing. Strength is the ability to produce or exert force. Power combines force with speed. It is the ability to produce force at a high velocity. Strength is a physical ability, while power is amplified strength. It is seen in electricity, engines or sports. Do strength and power differ for men and women?

On average, men are stronger than women. Research published by California Lutheran University shows a female’s upper body strength is only 25-55% of a male’s, while their lower body strength is 70% a male’s. The reason men are stronger than women is that men have larger muscle fibers than women and more of them.

When it comes to power, again on average men have a clear advantage over women. Men also have an advantage over women in building strength and muscle mass because of their much higher testosterone level.

On average, men are also faster than women. According to Tia Ghose of ‘LiveScience,’ “The fastest woman in the world, Florence Griffith Joyner, ran the 100-meter dash in just 10.49 seconds in 1988, and that record remains unbroken. Yet her fastest time would not have even qualified her for the men’s 2016 Olympic competition, which requires competitors to finish the 100-meter sprint in 10.16 seconds or less.”

How about swimming? Data compiled on the ‘Triathlon Budgeting’ website shows that for the four Olympic strokes (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke), for all distances (50 meters to 1500 meters), men are significantly better (both strength and power) than women. We see the same results as with track and field.

God designed a man to be chivalrous by creating him stronger and more powerful than a woman because, as this week’s verse explains, God has designed the man to be the protector and provider in the relationship.

In 1Peter 3:7, God tells the husband to understand and honor his wife because she is physically weaker than him. The weakness ascribed to the female is that of the body, since God uses the adjective “weaker” with the noun “vessel” (we see the same use of “vessel” for the body in 2Corinthians 4:7 and 1Thessalonians 4:4).

What is God comparing the weaker vessel with? Since He is speaking directly to husbands, the obvious implication is that the husbands are less weaker vessels. As we have shown above, this is obviously true.

But when we allow transgender men to compete in women’s sports, the biblical truth of the greater strength and power in a man’s body is on full display, and women’s sports are ruined. Take the case of women’s swimming champion Riley Gaines, a 12-time All-American swimmer at University of Kentucky with 5 SEC titles.

Her life, and the lives of women swimmers across America, was turned upside down when she was forced to share a locker room and then compete against a biological male, Lia Thomas, at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship. Thomas edged Gaines by 0.01 seconds. NCAA officials awarded Thomas the gold and hailed Thomas as the first trans athlete to be named Division I NCAA champion.

In the 2018 – 2019 season, when Thomas competed against men, he ranked 554th in the 200 freestyle, 65th in the 500 freestyle, and 32nd in the 1650 freestyle. Suddenly, competing as a female, Thomas is number 1.

Gaines, wondering why no one was standing up for her or for any women in the room, spoke at San Francisco State University on April 7 about the injustice of allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports. She was physically attacked by a mob of trans activists and held for over 3 hours in a room under threat of attack.

ESPN reporter Sage Steele tweeted out a call to action from women across America: “Are there any other women with public platforms willing to stand up for @Riley_Gaines_ the millions of female athletes?? LADIES, WHERE ARE YOU? We MUST come together on this!!” But where are the men? What happened to chivalry?

In case you have not noticed, no transgender females are entering men’s bathrooms or competing in men’s sporting events. If, as trans activists are shouting, this is about trans rights, we would have trans women demanding their right to compete against men. Only trans men who are taking advantage of biological women.

When a society abandons the God’s biblical decrees for men and women, you end up with this insanity.
“The Evidence of Faith’s Substance” _ Article #550

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